I want to be your voice to represent you in making the changes and finding the solutions our state desperately needs. Oklahoma’s past leadership has failed miserably, leaving us with underfunded public schools and core services even after a “historic” revenue package was passed last year. My priorities for Oklahoma are to fund public education and core services, fix our broken VA system, and stop balancing the budget on the backs of hard-working Oklahoma families through regressive taxes while allowing corporate interests to pay little in comparison.

Far too often, Oklahoma voters have had to foot the bill for our representatives’ mistakes without having our voices heard or respected. It has become clear over the past few years that many in the legislature do not respect the will of their constituents. On multiple occasions, Oklahomans have voted in favor of criminal justice and drug reform, only to have the legislature take steps to counteract and repeal those reforms. The most recent example of this is the attempts to amend State Question 788. SQ 788 will provide thousands of Oklahomans safe access to safe and non-addictive medicine, stop the criminalization of Oklahomans simply trying to seek treatment, and provide additional sources of revenue for our state. For all these reasons, it is vital that we uphold SQ 788 in a way that represents the people’s wishes.

I will oppose all efforts to undermine the will of the people and fight against unconstitutional legislation that would only end up in court at the taxpayers’ expense. In order to improve Oklahoma, we must transform Oklahoma into a truly representational democracy that works for all its citizens. Together, we can bring the American Dream back to Oklahoma.


Zach was born and raised in Mustang, Oklahoma, where he attended public school through 8th grade. Zach moved from public school to Lincoln’s Challenge Military Academy where he graduated early and immediately enlisted in the United States Army.

Often regarded as a “jack of all trades”, Zach has worked in a wide variety of industries and positions, both white-collar and blue-collar. He has held positions in sales/sales management, the oil industry as a roughneck, law enforcement, the military, transportation, sanitation, and hospitality. He currently works as an Assistant Branch Manager for the Oklahoma Educators Credit Union.

Zach decided to get into politics because he is tired of seeing our communities and our children suffer because of Oklahoma’s failed leadership. Zach believes that the future of Oklahoma lies in our diversity and though the security of an outstanding public education. It is time to renew our state’s pride and restore our people’s hope for a better tomorrow.

Zach believes in his community and our state, and he is fully committed to fighting for the government Oklahomans deserve. The people of House District 100 deserve accountable representation, and Zach is someone who will hold his colleagues and the entire legislature to a higher standard.