Public School Funding

We must put the children first! The youth of Oklahoma should be our first priority.  The only way to secure the future of our state, is to secure the future of our children through education. Our teachers must have proper funding for their classrooms. It is unacceptable, to expect teachers to pay out of pocket for the education of Oklahoma's youth. We must create a more competitive pay structure for the educators in our state. The students today may only be a small portion of our population but they are 100% of our future. A future I believe is worth investing in.

Tax Reform

We need to update our tax structure. Continuing to rely on 18th and 19th century practices is doing nothing but hindering our economy. The people of Oklahoma should not continue to be double taxed. Your taxed on your pay and then when its time to buy the things you need to survive your taxed again at the register. This double taxation needs to end. Its time to update our tax code to a more modern system. A reliable system that is balanced and does not over tax or continue to burden the hard working people of Oklahoma.

Diversify the Economy

Having all our eggs in the oil industry basket was never a good idea. Would you invest all of your retirement and future in one stock? This way of thinking has lead to the terrible state of affairs we are dealing with today. We must diversify the economy. We need tech companies, engineering firms, research hospitals, labs and more medium and small businesses. We must turn Oklahoma into an attractive place for the technology of the future to come and grow. Only through education is this possible. Companies looking to setup and invest in Oklahoma consider the quality and level of education in any area they could potentially grow. But, if those companies cannot hire the local populous because of the level and quality of education. Why would they invest in this great state.

Unions and Pensions

It's time we gave more power to the people, not the corporations! Presidents, Congress, Senators, and Representatives all get a secure form of retirement, usually a pension. Why should the hard working people of this land not be allowed the same opportunities? Should they not receive a secure retirement option as well? By voting to limit the power of unions in favor of corporations, we are effectively saying that the people who work hard and dedicate their lives to things other than Government are less deserving of a secure future and retirement option. That does not fly with me. It is time to come together and restore the power to the people. A government for the people and by the people. Not by the people for the corporations.


Oklahoma must get to work on repairing and rebuilding our infrastructure. An infrastructure built by its people for its people. The bridges and roadways that are decaying all across Oklahoma, must be inspected and repaired. It is a public safety issue. Infrastructure is not something we can just put off. We must invest in infrastructure and get our people and the unions they belong too back to work. Improving, repairing and rebuilding the great infrastructure our ancestors put in place.

Representing the People

I want to be your voice. Make the changes and find the solutions we desperately need. We must get Oklahoma out of the one Billion Dollars in debt we are in. The people of Oklahoma are tired of being let down by their leaders. Always having to foot the bill for their mistakes. If elected as your representative. I will not approve any bills that will add taxes to the backs of the Oklahoma middle and working class. I will listen to the people and support bills that represent your views and wants. I will present and support bills that diversify Oklahoma's economy. So that we are no longer at the mercy of the oil industry. I will be available and accountable to the people of Oklahoma. I will not stand for corruption or violation of Oklahoma's ethics laws. I will do everything in my power to support Oklahoma's public school system. They must be funded before anything else. The children of Oklahoma will always be first on my list of priorities. I will present bills to fund public after school programs. Such as the Arts, Sciences, Drama and Music. We must secure the future of our children. Together we will bring back the American dream to Oklahoma. Please feel free to message me anytime day or night. I encourage every visitor to check out my Facebook campaign page and ask me questions. I want to share with you how I feel on the matters that are most important to you!