About Zach

Zach was born and raised in Mustang, Oklahoma and attended Mustang public schools. Zach graduated from Lincoln's Challenge Military Academy. He has spent the majority of his life searching for his calling. He currently cares for his legally blind sister and his niece whose father died when she was 2 from a rare genetic cancer. The two motivate Zach to always keep improving not only himself but the world around him.

Zach currently works in the Banking Industry. In the past Zach has worked in the sales and sales management industry, as a roughneck in the oil industry, been in law enforcement, served in the Military, worked in the transportation industry, been a portable sanitation engineer and worked in the hospitality industry. Some call Zach a 'jack of all trades'.

Zach attended Oklahoma State as a mechanical engineering major. Zach switched to public service in hopes of making Oklahoma a great place once again after taking a U.S. Government and State and Local Government course in which he was very passionate and outspoken.

Zach is described as outgoing, motivated, dedicated, respectful, god fearing, passionate and very resourceful. His colleagues describe him as someone who gets things done. Zach has decided to get into politics because he is tired of seeing the communities and children suffer because of failed leadership.

Zach says it's time to bring back our states pride and the hope of the people for a better tomorrow. “The future of Oklahoma lies in our diversity and though the security of a quality public education.”

All donations to Zach and his campaign for office will be used to get him elected so that Zach can fight to secure the future of Oklahoma. Zach is young, motivated and has the vitality to fight for a better tomorrow. Zach believes in his community and he believes that everyone in Oklahoma deserves access to a quality public education. He believes Jouse District 100 deserves accountable representation and is someone who will hold his colleagues and the legislature to a higher standard.

Vote for Zach - He will bring us back!